Young Henrys Small World 2014

Amongst a million other things that happened this year, I produced a street festival for Young Henrys called Small World. We had a tonne of great bands on including Tumbleweed, The Snowdroppers, Little Bastard, Bloods and Richard In Your Mind. Food provided by Porteno, Marys, Bloodwood and Cornersmith. Photos below for brevity

Rubens Album 2 in Byron Bay / NYC

The second record is always difficult. You spent the whole last album cycle building your audience up and working your ass off to establish yourself. Then when it’s all done you have to take at least 12 – 18 months off to write, record and release your next album. You need to be progressive and move forward, but you can’t go too far or you’ll alienate your existing audience. Write the same record and you’ll be criticised for being too one dimensional. You’ve also got a full team around you including labels, managers, agents, publishers and more. These teams are hopefully set up globally and now they’re all relying on you to deliver an income for them. The pressure is extreme to say the least. This is a collection of photos from the pre-production and recording phase of The Rubens second record. Pre-production took place in Byron Bay, NSW Australia. Recording was in New York City at Avatar Studios.

(Wish I Was) Born In The USA.

Steph and I recently took our second trip together to the US. My third visit (brag, brag) and third time in New York City. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing it was. I love traveling in the US so much. The people are incredible, the culture rich and diverse, the beer is the best in the world (sorry, patriots) and the landscape changes dramatically with each state. I won’t write too much because Steph has already done it better than I ever could here and here. Instead here are some photo highlights, behind the cut. Due to limitations with the theme I use, captions don’t show up. After I wrote all 47 of them. Make you’re own stories up I reckon! Again, photos are behind the cut.  

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Head of Community at Blackbird Ventures. Festival Director of Sydney Craft Beer Week. Homebrewer. Family man. Former Artist Manager / Founder at (The Rubens, Cloud Control, Urthboy, Winterbourne and more).

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