Man Week: Being Young and Learning About Masculinity

It’s Man Week and I thought I’d share some of my experiences and thoughts on masculinity. I’m mostly going to speak from personal experience because I’m not sure if my understanding of masculinity is universal. I suspect that it might be but I’m not going to be that presumptuous. Maybe Man Week can help me sort that out! Growing up without a dad My Dad left when I was pretty young. My mum, my sister and I were living in Darwin and he called up one day and said that he was in Sydney. Won’t be coming back. At the time I didn’t think this meant he was gone from my life completely, he just wouldn’t be living with us but “he can still come over can’t he, Mum?”. From then on it was pretty much just me, Mum and my sister. It’s true that growing up without a father figure denies you direct, everyday contact with a role model, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not surrounded by the proposition of masculinity in just about every part of your

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Burger Joints And The Paradox Of Choice

Last Friday I went to a burger restaurant in Crows Nest called The Counter. Aside from being all about serving natural produce, the menu system is specific and invites you to ‘build your own’ meal. The concept isn’t entirely original but the menu is broken down in to 6 sections;  type of meat, the weight of your meat, basic sides (lettuce, chilli capsicums etc), special sides (beacon, egg), type of bun and sauces. Then of course you have the sides menu, the drinks menu and the desert menu. Each of these little sections contains between 5 and 18 options. All in all you can choose one of 312, 120 burger combinations. This isn’t accidental, in fact it’s one of their main selling points. The pitch being that you will have a unique and different meal every time you visit the restaurant, unlike some of the other burger joints in the world. So with 312, 120 different possibilities it should be damn near impossible for me to walk away feeling unsatisfied. How could I be? With such an abundance of choice

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Time Travel Cheat Sheet – Everything You Need To Know To Get Humanity Up To Speed

I just came across this at The Long Now via Noah Brier’s blog and it got me thinking. I’ve often wondered what I would do should I ever find myself traveling back through time. I’m ashamed to say I think I would be ill equiped both to steer humanity in the right direction and to profit personally. I guess this is one less thing I’ll loose sleep over. And yes, energy does equal mass times the speed of light squared and no, I’ve never heard of this Einstein fellow.

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