(Wish I Was) Born In The USA.

Steph and I recently took our second trip together to the US. My third visit (brag, brag) and third time in New York City. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing it was. I love traveling in the US so much. The people are incredible, the culture rich and diverse, the beer is the best in the world (sorry, patriots) and the landscape changes dramatically with each state. I won’t write too much because Steph has already done it better than I ever could here and here. Instead here are some photo highlights, behind the cut. Due to limitations with the theme I use, captions don’t show up. After I wrote all 47 of them. Make you’re own stories up I reckon! Again, photos are behind the cut.  

Milan, Italy

From http://picasaweb.google.com/joel.connolly/MilanItaly# Ha. Our trains were cancelled so we had to stay here for the night.

Florence, Italy

From http://picasaweb.google.com/joel.connolly/FlorenceItaly Excited to be in Florence Our Hostel was geat. They let people write messages on the walls. This is pretty much what the whole place looked like Excited to be in Florence Found an art installation that let let people try and build a mini city. Phase 1 Phase 2 Guys city falls and smashes my city. Our first cafe treat! The way it should be Neat little tradition! Lock it up and throw the key away, keeping your love eternal. Michaelangelos hill. Really beautiful at sunset. Again, not supposed to take photos but I couldn´t see why so I sneaked it. Treat time!

Rome, Italy

From http://picasaweb.google.com/joel.connolly/RomeItaly First night and were a bit dissapointed with our hostel, which in the the end wasn´t so bad. Dinner was red wife, pizza and pasta, predictably After dinner we walked around to find gelato. Rome, it turns out, is beautiful And so am i. Ha. Michaelangelo´s. Apparently other sculpters would do a practise run on some plaster first. Not Micky, he went straight to expensive marble. First daylight sight. Steph was really excited here. It was pretty cute. She squeeked heaps. Cheap guide book! FTW! They used to flood this thing with water. Heavy. Performing later. Afternoon by this stage and we are still going strong. All of Romes sites in 1 day. TICK Shame. But funny. That was only part of the line. Steph studying Davinci code map to see if there is some other entrance. Sadly we have to skip the Basilica and go straight to ¨¨the¨ Chapel. This guy tried to rough me up. Smashed him. Hungry. Again. I know, you aren´t supposed to take photos but they didn´t explain why so I sneaked a

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