Young Henrys Small World 2014

Amongst a million other things that happened this year, I produced a street festival for Young Henrys called Small World. We had a tonne of great bands on including Tumbleweed, The Snowdroppers, Little Bastard, Bloods and Richard In Your Mind. Food provided by Porteno, Marys, Bloodwood and Cornersmith. Photos below for brevity

Steve Jobs

I’m very upset and I feel like crying. It’s hard to understand how a man I never met could have had such an impact on my life. It’s more than just the “things” he left behind. It’s something else and I don’t know how to explain it except to say that I am very sad and I have a lump in my throat and I’m trying not to cry. I think about the last public appearances he made and how frail he looked. My wife said “he must be near the end” and even though I knew it I couldn’t really comprehend the passing a a man so great, so present in my life and so far away at the same time. He must have been a wonderful father and an incredible husband and this also makes me sad. I’m sitting at my desk holding back tears and his family must be absolutely beside themselves. My thoughts and feelings are with them and I hope that in some way the legacy he leaves will comfort them.

The Perfect Gift For A Man

Most of my life I’ve had a secret interest in men’s issues. Secret for a lot of reasons but primarily I’m not sure too many people (men especially) realise there is such a thing. I’ve tried many time to have conversations with my mates about life, what’s going on in theirs and how they feel about it but, surprise-surprise, men don’t particularly like being asked about their masculinity, especially at the pub after a few beers. So I turned to the INTERNET and just in time it turns out too. In about January this year I gave re-birth to Popmedium. I was inspired after finding Mark Pollards blog and realising that, yes, there are some great men out there talking about life and no, that doesn’t make them wussy. There is this poisonous idea amongst men that you’re just supposed to deal with everything privately. That you’re somehow less of a man if you burden anyone else with your problems. Well, it tunes out that in Australia, young men commit suicide at more than three times the rate of women

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Man Week: Being Young and Learning About Masculinity

It’s Man Week and I thought I’d share some of my experiences and thoughts on masculinity. I’m mostly going to speak from personal experience because I’m not sure if my understanding of masculinity is universal. I suspect that it might be but I’m not going to be that presumptuous. Maybe Man Week can help me sort that out! Growing up without a dad My Dad left when I was pretty young. My mum, my sister and I were living in Darwin and he called up one day and said that he was in Sydney. Won’t be coming back. At the time I didn’t think this meant he was gone from my life completely, he just wouldn’t be living with us but “he can still come over can’t he, Mum?”. From then on it was pretty much just me, Mum and my sister. It’s true that growing up without a father figure denies you direct, everyday contact with a role model, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not surrounded by the proposition of masculinity in just about every part of your

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