Popmedium is back!

I’ve never been much of a blogger. I used to have a Livejournal when I was younger and I filled it with half formed ideas and a whole lot of whining. It’s where I learnt about ego and I can honestly say it was a fairly self serving collection of words. Next came Popmedium over at WordPress.com. I was in the middle of my Masters and was looking for a way to get some ideas out of my head and in to the world. Popmedium started, then it stopped, then it started again until finally it stopped for good. In between working 9-5 for Warringah Council as and Events Project Officer and writing 6000 word essays on Baudrillard and his ideas on simulacrum, I found it really hard to give a crap about blogging. I was just too busy and to be honest, I really wasn’t enjoying it. Something about it seemed forced and so predictable I gave it up. For good measure I have imported some of my posts across. Considering these past failures I have decided to make a

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Head of Community at Blackbird Ventures. Festival Director of Sydney Craft Beer Week. Homebrewer. Family man. Former Artist Manager / Founder at (The Rubens, Cloud Control, Urthboy, Winterbourne and more).

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