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Clive Thompson has written a really interesting article for the New York Times called “Sex, Drugs and Updating Your Blog”. He looks at different musicians and the prowess they have displayed in harnessing the power of social networks and social media.

One thing Clive said really struck me;

“For many of these ultraconnected artists, it seems the nature of creativity itself is changing. It is no longer a solitary act: their audiences are peering over their shoulders as they work, offering pointed comments and suggestions.”

Could this be the future of music? Imagine if a band let their fans have creative input! I think this is something popular music has failed to do over the years, and that’s give their fans a sense of ownership over the music they invest so much in. I for one would love to hear Nick Zinner playing a riff I’d written.

Head of Community at Blackbird Ventures, Festival Director of Sydney Craft Beer Week, ex-artist Manager at Umbrella. Family man, dedicated home brewer. Sydney sider. All 'round rad dude. I blog sometimes but it has never really become a habit, however I'm all over the Internet and you can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook (only if you're a mate).

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Head of Community at Blackbird Ventures. Festival Director of Sydney Craft Beer Week. Homebrewer. Family man. Former Artist Manager / Founder at (The Rubens, Cloud Control, Urthboy, Winterbourne and more).

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